Welcome overseas visitors.
Australia welcomes people living outside of Australia's borders to purchase homes, apartments and property.
Australian property is an easy asset to maintain from overseas. The Australian property industry is experienced in assisting overseas and local investors obtain property, then manage the tenants and look after the well being of their property.
Government regulations ensure that Landlord and Owner Rights are protected and that the building is of the highest quality and standard. Most property in Australia is Freehold Title, meaning that it is owned and not leased.
There are, however, some important rules that you need to be aware of.
Purchasing Guidelines.
Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents can acquire any property in Australia.
The Australian Government, through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), regulates the sale of Australian property to overseas persons and corporations. There are many FIRB properties on our site. However, most properties can become FIRB approved...
Foreign nationals can buy:
  New Property
  Residential Projects or Apartments - up to 50% of the total project can be purchased by foreign nationals.
  Vacant Land - only if construction begins within twelve months of purchase. See our list of vacant land.
  Established Property - only if an additional amount of no less than 50% of the original property cost is spent on improvements, or additional construction (consent of the FIRB is required).
  Commercial Property - under AU$50M
Status Buying Guidelines*
Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident No Restrictions
Temporary Resident, Retiree or Student Can buy new property without restriction or an established property providing it is your residence and it is sold when your visa expires. Consent of the FIRB is required.
Foreign National or Foreign Corporation Can buy new property. Can buy vacant land as long as building commences within 12 months of purchase. Can buy an established property only if an additional amount of no less than 50% of the original property cost is spent on improvements or additional construction. Can buy up to 50% of new projects or apartments, Consent of the FIRB is required.
Commercial Property under AU$50M No Restrictions to Foreigners. Some Rules apply.

* Please confirm your circumstances with your professional advisor. This information should not be construed as advice.

FIRB Approval
For more information please visit the Foreign Investment Review Board