With over six decades of experience in both the residential and commercial property markets in Australia, Charles German has extensive market knowledge and as a result has strong networks in the property industry both locally and internationally.  Charles has strong negotiating skills and is comfortable with more complexly structured deals and the financing of them.  He identifies that in these times, there is more of a globalised approach to property investing and he foresees significant opportunities in further developing relationships with off shore investors.  He believes in establishing long-term relationships and contributes his success to being committed to obtaining the best possible results for his clients. He markets strongly with a high level of professionalism and prides himself on being focused and providing excellent service and attention to each and every one of his clients needs



Luba German has carved a phenomenal career in real estate over the past thirty years. Her recipe for success is a very simple one ! Luba simply believes in working smarter rather than working harder ! She is absolutely passionate and hugely enthusiastic about her career which in turn results in constant outstanding outcomes for her clients. A former owner of her own travel and beauty companies here in Melbourne, Luba has taken her organisational and communication skills into the world of real estate and thoroughly enjoys her work. She has achieved excellent results in various travel studies as well as Esoteric Studies and constantly strives to learn more.

Charles and Luba German